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Albion Music
Albion Music is an affiliated organisation which is dedicated to publishing books on English music and poetry. Its main focus is Ralph Vaughan Williams, alongside other composers. Albion Music will be bringing back to life major books on English music which have been long out of print, as well as commissioning new books on English composers of the 20th century.
Albion Music was formed in 1995 as part of the RVW Society but is now totally independent.

A pictorial journey from the collection of
Ursula Vaughan Williams

With worldwide interest in the life and music of Ralph Vaughan Williams increasing rapidly, this collection of largely unpublished photographs of the composer, his friends and family is timely. The photographs are taken from the collection of Ursula Vaughan Williams. They provide fresh insights into the composer in a way only pictures can do. By providing a section on RVW's family and friends such as Cecil Sharp, RO Morris, Maud Karpeles and Adeline, his first wife as well as fellow composers such as Sibelius, Holst and Grainger, a rounded picture is provided of RVW's extraordinary life.

152 pages. Illustrated

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Paradise Remembered

Ursula Vaughan Williams

Ursula Vaughan Williams brings to her autobiography the same evocative use of language, clarity of expression and vivid imagery which distinguishes her poetry and novels. Born in 1911 in Malta, her early life as the daughter of an army officer took her to many varied locations both at home and abroad. Marriage to Michael Wood, a Gunnery Instructor, maintained her itinerant life style, described here with insight and honesty. Her life was, however, to change irrevocably after her first meeting with the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1938. Their friendship, close artistic collaboration and subsequent marriage in 1953 are described with candour, humour and affection. It is a fascinating story, which describes Ursula's contribution to Vaughan Williams' life and works in the 20 years to his death in 1958. It was indeed, a paradise remembered.

This is a genteel book, written with enormous charm and humour. The stories can be priceless, such as the moment at the White House when Pat Nixon for some reason seizes Ursula's free hand in a performance of VW's Serenade to Music. "I was acutely embarrassed," writes Ursula, "for I knew how long the Serenade is, and and she didn't, and 14 minutes is too long to hold hands."
Michael White - The Telegraph

234 pages. Illustrated

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`Let Beauty Awake
Let Beauty Awake: Elgar, Vaughan Williams & Literature

A collection of papers from the second joint seminar of the Elgar Society and the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society, which was held at the British Library

The 160- page hard-back book, edited by Julian Rushton, includes a CD recording of Stephen Connock's on-stage interview with Richard Hickox, recorded the day before Richard's death.


  • Parry, Elgar, and Vaughan Williams: influences and aspirations (Michael Pope)
  • Elgar's literary choice (Stephen Johnson)
  • There is music in the midst of desolation (Andrew Neill)
  • Character as form: Elgar's Falstaff (David Owen Norris)
  • Vaughan Williams and literature: an overview (Roger Savage)
  • "The full juiced apple": literary furniture in Vaughan Williams' letters (Hugh Cobbe)
  • "O Farther Sail": Vaughan Williams and Whitman (Alain Frogley)
  • "Music in the Air": Vaughan Williams, Shakespeare, and the construction of an Elizabethan Tradition (Byron Adams)
  • "They tolled the one bell only": the remarkable influence of A. E. Housman (Philip Lancaster)
  • "Triadic magic": the numinous in early works of Vaughan Williams (Julian Rushton)
  • Epilogue: "The light we sought is shining still" (Michael Kennedy)
  • CD: Stephen Connock talks to Richard Hickox
    160 pages + CD

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Fall of the Leaf

Introduction by Stephen Connock

Ursula Vaughan Williams began writing poetry in 1921. Her first published collection appeared in 1941 and was followed by two other books, as well as novels. Paradise Remembered, her autobiography, was published by Albion Music Ltd in 2002.

In 1996 her poems were brought together in a book entilted the Collected Poems of Ursula Vaughan Williams. Given the success of that volume, Ursula allowed Stephen Connock access to a collection of unpublished poems, which he has included in this edition.

The memorable short story, Fall of Leaf, is also included. Ursula Vaughan Williams' work is distinguished by a stylish and subtle imagination and a remarkable sense of atmosphere. It owes something to Yeats and to Hardy but remains an individual voice of considerable importance in the twentieth century.

444 pages.

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Ingrave Secret cover

Frank Dineen

This is a story about the meeting between the composer and the 74 year old Charles Potiphar, an Ingrave labourer. The old man sang a beautiful folk song Bushes and Briars to RVW and the effect was overwhelming. It was to influence his music forever and change his life.

"Frank Dineen's book describes the background to his meeting and explores the role of two local women – Kate Bryan and Giorgiana (Locksie) Heatley. With wonderful insights and plenty of illustrations, the book is rich in Essex history. For all those interested in English folk song, the life and music of Ralph Vaughan Williams and in the social history of eastern England, this book will be invaluable."
Stephen Connock - Vice President, The Ralph Vaughan Williams Society

84 pages. Illustrated

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In Perspective

Lewis Foreman

In this fascinating volume, Lewis Foreman has assembled a team of experts to explore key isssues, at once both enhancing enjoyment of the music and our understanding of the man. These studies, first presented at the Vaughan Williams Seminar held at the 1996 Reigate Summer Music Festival, cover a wide and varied field. They include the evolution of British music and the dissemination and reception of Vaughan Williams's music on the one hand, and detailed studies of symphonies, the Piano Concerto, folk song collecting modality and film music on the other. The previously unknown movement of A Sea Symphony called The Steersman is printed for the first time. VW's role as friend and teacher is illuminated with particular reference to his women pupils, and his friendship with the composer Gerald Finzi. Vaughan Williams is set in his time by the editor's wide ranging overview.

Contributors include: Jeremy Dibble, Andrew Herbert, Stephen Lloyd, Anthony Payne, Duncan Hinnels, Tony Kendall, John Huntley, Jenny Doctor and Stephen Banfield.

"Lewis Foreman has for many years explored the music of the early twentieth century, producing, among others, books on Percy Grainger, Havergal Brian, Edmund Rubbra and the standard biography of Sir Arnold Bax. He is known for articles, reviews, concerts and CD programme notes and broadcast talks. As the Music Trustee of the Sir Arnold Bax Trust he was the guiding hand behind the Chandos CD recordings of Bax's music."

Stephen Connock Chairman, The Ralph Vaughan Williams Society

240 pages. Illustrated

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A Special Flame dust jacket

The Music of Elgar and Vaughan Williams
edited by John Norris and Andrew Neill

The eleven essays in this volume on Elgar and Vaughan Williams were presented to an International Symposium held at the British Library in London on 29 – 30 March, 2003.
The idea of the Symposium was to shed further light on the music of two of England's greatest composers, using presenters who could draw the right connections between Elgar and Vaughan Williams whenever this was possible. Contributors include Michael Kennedy, Lewis Foreman, Byron Adams, Robert Anderson, Hugh Cobbe, Andrew Neill and Stephen Connock.

185 pages.

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