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The Ralph Vaughan Williams Society Journal – Index of Articles
Journal Cover
Note. Issues 1–4 edited by the late John Bishop, thereafter by Stephen Connock. Change of style from the 'headlined' to a 'themed' Journal. All issues have a basic core of letters, reviews of recordings and concerts and Society news. In February 2005 William Hedley took over as Editor from Stephen Connock. New design and format gradually introduced.

Free downloads available of Issues 1–40 (see below). nb 1-17 are pdfs produced from scans. Later editions, from no 18 onwards, have been produced electronically and are therefore of a much higher quality.

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Issue 1 September 1994
Flos Campi
  1. Inaugural issue - Bowing ourselves in In depth article by Michael Kennedy on Hodie and VW's Christmas Music
  2. Roy Douglas on Working with RVW
  3. Colin Peters Film music: every composer should be taught the art
  4. Lewis Foreman – The Unknown RVW – A matter for debate)
Issue 2 January 1995
Words in high places
  1. Rob Furneaux gives A View from the Far West.
  2. Jean Lacroix - To be a French Speaker and love the music of RVW: a contradiction?
  3. Keith Douglas – RVW ignored at Leith Hill Place
  4. Stephen Connock compares versions of A London Symphony
Issue 3 July 1995
Firing on all Cylinders
  1. Gwyn Parry-Jones on The inner and outer worlds of RVW.
  2. David Tolley – Tracking down RVW's music for The Mayor of Casterbridgecontradiction?
  3. Tony Fuller – JOB 'this enthralling work'
  4. Gwyn Parry Jones – The inner and outer worlds of RVW: the Fifth & Sixth Symphonies
Issue 4 November 1995
A memorable day indeed
  1. Report on our first AGM and concert.
  2. Michael Kennedy article on the Piano Concerto
  3. Composer Steve Martland on the Sixth Symphony
  4. Interview with conductor, Richard Hickox on the Symphonies
Issue 5 February 1996
Sir John in Love
  1. Wilfrid Mellers on the opera Sir John in Love
  2. Robin Wells writes about VW's alma mater, Charterhouse School
Issue 6 June 1996
Sir John in Love
  1. Igor Kennaway on the opera The Pilgrims Progress
  2. Steve Schwarz on The Fifth Symphony
Issue 7 October 1996
  1. Reminiscences of VW by Roy Henderson
  2. Andrew Herbert, VW's Sketches for A Sea Symphony
Issue 8 February 1997
  1. Down Ampney Appeal fund launched.
  2. Wilfrid Mellers on the neglected opera A Poisoned Kiss
Issue 9 June 1997
  1. Reminiscences of VW by John Carol Case
  2. Interview with Leonard Slatkin
  3. Jeremy Dibble on Parry and VW
Issue 10 October 1997
Special 36 page 125th Anniversary Edition
  1. Vaughan Williams and Finzi, by Stephen Banfield.
  2. Vaughan Williams and Shakespeare, by Byron Adams
  3. Coastal Command, in depth article on the film music by Richard Young
Issue 11 February 1998
Focus on Gustav Holst
  1. With an article by composer Colin Matthews and The thoughts of Sir Adrian Boult and Imogen Holst
Issue 12 June 1998
40th Anniversary of RVW's death
  1. Reprints of obituary notices and funeral service
  2. Andrew Herbert's detailed essay on the genesis of 'The Explorers' the forerunner of A Sea Symphony
Issue 13 October 1998
Folk Song Edition
  1. Elsie M Payne on Vaughan Williams and Folk-song.
  2. John Barr on the Six Studies in English Folk-song
  3. Frank Dineen on The Priming of Miss Locksie
Issue 14 February 1999
Garland Appeal
  1. Folk-song Part 2
  2. Lewis Foreman on The early response of British composers to Folk-song
  3. Survey of RVW CD covers
Issue 15 June 1999
Thomas Hardy Edition
  1. Hubert Foss Thomas Hardy and Music
  2. Alain Frogley – Hardy in the music of VW
  3. David Trolley – On the trail of Tess
  4. Ursula Vaughan Williams on VW and Thomas Hardy
Issue 16 October 1999
Garland Launch
  1. VW and the First World War
  2. VW as an Officer – Alan Aldous
  3. RVW, Britten and The Great War – Roger Juneau
Issue 17 February 2000
Focus on George Herbert
  1. Recording of Five Mystical Songs – Jonathan Pearson
  2. George Herbert and Arthur Vaughan Williams at Bemerton, Salisbury – Stephen Connock
  3. VW as conductor – Lewis Foreman
Issue 18 June 2000
VW and Bach
  1. VW and Bach – Michael Kennedy
  2. Lewis Foreman – VW conducting the St Matthew Passion
  3. VW and 'the greatest of all composers'
Issue 19 October 2000
  1. A context for the Masques – Deborah Heckert
  2. The Origins of Job – Sir Geoffrey Keynes
  3. Sir Roger Norrington reviews Uncle Ralph's St Matthew Passion

Issue 20 February 2001
Scott of the Antarctic – Part 1
  1. The Last Unknown Region: Polar Ambition or Pilgrimage – David Tolley
  2. The Film music to Scott – Richard Young
  3. The Early works – Bernard Benoliel
Issue 21 June 2001
Scott of the Antarctic – Part 2
  1. Sinfonia Antartica – Jonathan Pearson
  2. The Music for 'Scott of the Antarctic' – Christopher J. Parke
  3. 'The Times', and The Fourth Symphony – Geoff Brown
  4. Atterberg, Sibelius and RVW's Fifth Symphony – A letter translated for the RVW Society
  5. Ralph Vaughan Williams & Alexander Constantinoich Glazunov – Rob Furneaux
  6. Some Notes on A Pastoral Symphony – Jeffery Aldridge
Issue 22 October 2001
RVW in the Second World War
  1. The Symphony and the Second World War (with comparative CD review of Symphony No 5) – William Hedley
  2. Salvage and the War Effort – Michael Gainsford
  3. Ursula Vaughan Williams in Discussion with Stephen Connock about the Second World War
  4. The Composer in Wartime – article reproduced from Heirs & Rebels
  5. How about the Victory Anthem? – Stephen Johnson discusses relations between RVW and the BBC during World War II
  6. Song of Thanksgiving – VW Celebrates the end of the war – Lewis Foreman
  7. Music in Wartime – Simona Pakenham
  8. Six Choral Songs (in time of war) – Stephen Connock
Issue 23 February 2002
Focus on Ivor Gurney: Guest Editor: Rolf Jordan
  1. Articles by Anthony Boden and Pam Blevins
Issue 24 June 2002
RVW and Distinguished Conductors
  1. Conducting RVW – Michael Kennedy
  2. Glory, Pity and Anger: British Conductors in the music of RVW – William Hedley
  3. Malcolm Sargent, Vaughan Williams and the Ninth Symphony – Robin Barber
  4. Stokowski and Vaughan Williams – Edward Johnson
Issue 25 October 2002
The Songs of Travel: Guest Editor: Dr William Adams
  1. Robert Louis Stevenson – A brief examination of the poet – William M Adams
  2. Elements of Form and Unity in Songs of Travel
  3. The Recordings – A comparitive analysis
  4. Symphony No 9 – An Introduction and CD Review by Robin Barber
Issue 26 February 2003
The Poisoned Kiss
  1. From Polly to the Wasps: The musical context – Stephen Connock
  2. "It will be alright in the end" The complex Evolution of the Libretto – Stephen Connock
  3. Evelyn Sharp – writer and suffragette – Stehen Connock
  4. Once upon a time...An anlysis of the opera – Stephen Connock
  5. Uncle Ralph, Uncle Wiz and Benji – Jeffery Aldridge
  6. The Pilgrim's Progress in context: A preliminary study – Eric Seddon
Issue 27 June 2003
The Sixth Symphony
  1. Historical Introduction – Jeffrey Davis
  2. Toward the Unknown Region – The Sixth Symphony – AEF Dickinson
  3. The Holst Memorial Symphony? – Paul Sarcich
Issue 28 October 2003
A Special Flame – Elgar and Vaughan Williams
  1. Elgar and Vaughan Williams: An Overview – Michael Kennedy
  2. What have we learnt from Elgar? Vaughan Williams and the Ambivalance of Inheritance – Byron Adams
  3. Variations on an Edwardian Enigma – Herbert Howells in 1968 writes on Elgar and VW in the context of two book reviews
  4. Vaughan Williams brings in the May: Sydenham, 1911– Roger Savage
  5. Mysticism and Joyful Solemnity: Two moments of D major in 'The Pilgrim's Progress' - Eric Seddon
Issue 29 February 2004
Hymn Tunes
  1. Vaughan Williams and the Hymnals – A New Perspective - John Bawden
  2. Two Obscure Hymn Tunes of Ralph Vaughan Williams - John Barr
  3. Hymn Tunes Descants 1915-1934 - Clark Kimberling, University of Evansvilles
  4. Memories of RVW from the 1930s to the 1950s - John Gordan Clark
Issue 30 June 2004
A Celebration for Ursula
  1. The Films of Powell and Pressburger – an overview - Rolf Jordan
  2. RVW and the Women's Institute – Lorna Gibson
  3. RVW and the early 20th Century – EJ Hysom
Issue 31 June 2004
Tenth Anniversary Celebrations
  1. What RVW means to me – members invited to write testimonials on 'What RVW means to me'
  2. Vaughan Williams and his film music for 49th Parallel - Richard Young
  3. J.S. Bach, the Wintertide and the Poetics of translation in Hodie - Gregory Martin
Issue 32 February 2005
Michael Kennedy's address to the 10th Anniversary AGM
  1. Three Glorious Johns – Roger Savage
  2. RVW - A Memoir by Sir John Barbirolli from 1958.
  3. Reviews of Two VW Premieres: Sinfonia Antartica - Barbirolli and the Hallé
  4. Manchester and Royal Festival Hall. Contemporary reviews
Issue 33 June 2005
VW and Religion
  1. RVW and Religion – John Barr
  2. RVW and Religion – Byron Adams
  3. RVW: What might have been – Colin Lees
Issue 34 October 2005
  1. On playing the Tuba Concerto – Richard Sandland
  2. Vaughan Williams and the British Piano Concerto – Luke Bromley
  3. The Concertos [Violin Concertos and the Harmonica Romance]– Simona Pakenham
  4. The unfinished Cello Concerto – Caireann Shannon
  5. Constant Lambert and RVW – Stephen Lloyd
  6. Fantasia on a theme by Vaughan Williams – Simona Pakenham
Issue 35 February 2006
  1. Englishness and Vaughan Williams – James Day
  2. Toward the Unknown Region and Dona Nobis Pacem Tony Williams
  3. On Finzi...and on Whitman – Simona Pakenham
  4. The Pilgrim's Progress in California - Introduced by Alan Thayer
  5. Heirs and Rebels (on Holst) – Em Marshall
Issue 36 June 2006
Symphony No 3
  1. Listening to the Pastoral Symphony – David Manning
  2. A new direction in Vaughan Wiilliams' symphonic thinking Jeffrey Aldridge
  3. The Grandeur of Desolation: A rumination on the Pastoral Symphony - Rolf Jordan
  4. A clutch of "Favourite" Pastorals – Various
  5. Beyond Wishful Thinking. A re-evaluation of Vaughan Williams and religion - Eric Seddon
  6. Sir John in Love. A transcript of Michael Kennedy's introduction to the opera at the ENO on Saturday 11th March 2006
Issue 37 October 2006
  1. Articles on the Abinger Pagent and The Proms
Issue 38 March 2007
Vaughan Williams and Bunyan
  1. Articles by Eric Seddon and Richard Brunson and a synopsis
    of the Elgar / VW symposium: "The Best of me"
Issue 39 June 2007
Focus on the 9th Symphony
  1. Major articles on the work and conducting it by John Barr and Adam Stern
  2. Updated CD review by Robin Barber of all recordings available
  3. Latest in the "footsteps" series by Stephen Connock
Issue 40 October 2007
Riders to the Sea
  1. Launch of Albion Records the RVW Society recording arm.
  2. Riders to the Sea – 3 important studies
  3. Tony Palmer writes about his film O Thou Transcendent
  4. James Day and Mass in G Minor and Sancta Civitas
Issue 41 February 2008
RVW and the International Scene
  1. From Over the Pond. RVW as seen by American music critics
  2. Vaughan Williams Abroad Sir Roger Norrington's View
  3. RVW: Composer, Teacher and Evangelist - Simon Heffer
  4. Exploring Vaughan Williams' Writings – David Manning
  5. Analysis Without Fear – Eric Seddon

Issue 42 June 2008
Flos Campi
  1. The Song of Songs: an introduction - Cecil Bloom
  2. Flos Campi the Enigma – Eric Seddon
  3. Pop Goes the Music.... – Scott Aniol
  4. Roy Douglas: A Century
Issue 43 October 2008
Ursula Vaughan Williams Remembered
  1. Ursula, Charterhouse & O Thou Transcendent – D.R.Thorpe
  2. Not in an Ivory Tower (VW, Holst & Morley College) – Linda Hayward
  3. VW & the Oxford Bach Choir – Peter Gilliver
Issue 44 February 2009
Vaughan Williams and Literature
  1. Remembering Ursula – Michael Kennedy
  2. Vaughan Williams, Shakespeare and Sir John in Love – D.R. Thorpe
  3. Stephen Connock remembers Richard Hickox
  4. "Love to the Missus" Glimpses at the composer's literary interests (books acquired by Stephen Connock and deemed of insufficient interest to grace the national collection)
  5. Vaughan Williams, Stevenson, and Songs of Travel – Eric Hazlewood
  6. Lionel Tertis' 1936 Edition of Vaughan Williams' Suite for Viola and Small Orchestra – Bernard Kane
Issue 45 June 2009
Vaughan Williams and London
  1. Vaughan Williams, Cheyne Walk and the 1911 Census – Robin Barber
  2. The Alchemy of Music and Landscape in Vaughan Williams's Joanna Godden – John Morris
  3. Where The Lark Does not Ascend – Allan W. Atlas
Issue 46 October 2009
Vaughan Williams and Folksong
  1. Vaughan Williams and the Idea of Folk Song in the Norfolk Rhapsodies – Anthony Newton
  2. "An individual flowering": Ralph Vaughan Williams' work in Folklore – Georgina Boyes
  3. Towards a folk song awakening: Vaughan Williams in Bournemouth, 1902 – Michael Holyoake
  4. The Solo Piano Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams: an Introduction – John Barr
Issue 47 February 2010
Symphony No 8 in D minor
  1. Symphony No 8 in D minor: An Introduction and CD Review – Dr Robin Barber
  2. New Light on I vow to Thee, my Country – Alan Gibbs
Issue 48 June 2010
  1. The Running Set – Roy J. Lidstone
  2. On the Reception of the Tallis Fantasia, 1922-1929 – Allan W. Atlas
Issue 49 October 2010
Vaughan Williams and the Musical Amateur
  1. Vaughan Williams and the Musical Amateur: A checklist of English Carol Arrangements – Julian Onderdonk
  2. Music is for Everyone – Linda Hayward
  3. The Base of the Pyramid: Vaughan Williams and the Musical Amateur – Renee Stewart
  4. A Significant Find (Cambridge Mass) – Alan Tongue
  5. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Images In Art – Jeffery Davis
  6. Vaughan Williams and Thomas Hardy – Michael Gainsford
  7. Discovering Ralph Williams 1970s style – John France
  8. Taken by Surprise – John Treadway
Issue 50 February 2011
  1. Simona Pakenham Obituary Stephen Connock
  2. John Bridcut talks about "Passions". A Journal interview
  3. A Genius in the Making Linda Hayward
  4. Vaughan Williams's Pocket Watch - Robin Barber
  5. Vaughan Williams and the Musical Amateur: A checklist of English Folk Song Arrangements Julian Onderdonk
  6. A Fantasia and a Symphony: Herbert Howells on Vaughan Williams - Paul Andrews
  7. Ralph Vaughan Williams and The Garden of Proserpine - Rikky Rooksby
  8. A Century On - Simon Coombs
  9. Music you Might Like. Frank Martin – Mass for Double Choir. An appreciation by William Hedley
Issue 51 June 2011
  1. RVW - Music Teacher? Ralph Vaughan Williams' view of his role as an educator of the young – Andrew Browning
  2. Vaughan Williams and the Musical Amateur: A Checklist of Miscellaneous Arrangements of English, British and Continental European Dances and Songs - Julian Onderdonk
  3. La Musique de Ralph Vaughan Williams et les Français – Marie-Béatrice Jeanjean
  4. Ralph Vaughan Williams – Joy and Delight - Linda Hayward
Issue 52 October 2011
  1. Thirteen original tunes by Ralph Vaughan Williams for The English Hymnal and Songs of Praise - Hugh Benham
  2. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Songs of Praise - Frank McManus
  3. A Sea Symphony: The role of the Scherzo and its relationship to the other movements - Sophya Polevaya
  4. Ursula Vaughan Williams on the Ninth Symphony
  5. Ralph Vaughan Williams and the French - Marie-Béatrice Jeanjean
  6. Howells on Vaughan Williams
Issue 53 February 2012
  1. "I love it beyond reason" - An interview with RVW Society President, Michael Kennedy CBE
  2. Folk Song Identification in the Works of Vaughan Williams: Some Confusions - Adam Harvey
  3. Thomas Cannings's "Morgan Fantasy": a tribute to Ralph Vaughan Williams - Allan W. Atlas
  4. Ralph Vaughan Williams, Leos Janacek and Jean Sibelius - James Lyon
  5. Ralph Vaughan Williams and the two Surrey Pageants: The Abinger Pageant (1934) and England's Pleasant Land (1938) - Renee Stewart
Issue 54 June 2012
  1. English Folk Songs and Other Traditional Tunes in the Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams: A Checklist - Adam Harvey
  2. C. H. H. Parry and R. Vaughan Williams - James Lyon
    "To Marie Hall" - Hugh Thomas
  3. The Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust - Hugh Cobbe
  4. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Oxford University Presss - William Hedley
  5. The BBC, the Proms, and British Music - Roger Wright
  6. A Century On - Phantasy Quintet - Simon Coombs
Issue 55 October 2012
  1. Music for solo organ by Ralph Vaughan Williams - Hugh Benham
  2. The Sydney Manuscript. Vaughan Williams's (unknown) orchestral setting of "The Spanish Ladies" - Simon Polson
  3. A Bigger Splash, A lecture given at Hereford Three Choirs Festival, 23 July 201 - Rolf Jordan
  4. C. H. H. Parry and R. Vaughan Williams -II - James Lyon
  5. Vaughan Williams turns up in Somerset, then returns to Cheyne Walk as Job comes to Albion
Issue 56 February 2013
  1. Vaughan Williams and Oxford University Press - Simon Wright
  2. The Pilgrim's Progress in Progress - Stephen Connock
  3. "Come hither, I wil show thee excellent things": The Pilgrim's Progress at ENO, November 2012 - John Francis
  4. "A Notorioulsy Reluctant Sitter"- Colin Lees
  5. Vaughan Williams returns to Chelsea - Peter Bull
  6. How do you listen to Vaughan Willliams? - Rob Furneaux
Issue 57 June 2013
  1. UnthemedSome Notes on the Reception of Vaughan Williams: Three Quantative Measures - Allan W. Atlas
  2. Folk Song in the English Folk Song Suite - Adam Harvey
  3. Vaughan Williams: Serenade in A minor (1898): addendum to the published score - Julian Rushton
  4. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Hymn Tune Prelude on "Song 13" by Orlando Gibbons - John France
  5. Vaughan Williams and Bach's St Matthew Passion - Renee Stewart
Issue 58 October 2013
  1. Music & Politics in 49th Parallel - John Morris
  2. Vaughan Williams, Alfvén and Dohnényi - Rob Furneaux
  3. A London Symphony: Justification for performing the original version - Graham Muncy
  4. Vaughan Williams and Britten - John Treadway
  5. To Complete or Not to Complete, that is the Question - Simon Coombs
  6. Dawn Offensive (fiction) - Andrew M. Seddon
Issue 59 February 2014
  1. The copyright owner's view - Hugh Cobbe, Director, The Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust
  2. The music publisher's view - Simon Wright, Head of Rights & Contracts, Music, Oxford University Press
  3. The Letter and the Spirit and Music in World War II - John Morris
  4. To Record or Not to Record? Some thoughts on the performance and recording of Vaughan Williams's early music and what might follow - Colin Lees
  5. Vaughan Williams "on the air" in the Coronation year - Peter Foster
  6. A London Symphony - Graham Muncy
  7. A London Symphony: Some Remarks on Development - Mike Cooper
  8. O for a Muse of Fire… Albion Records releases the incidental music from Henry V and Richard II - Stephen Connock
Issue 60 June 2014
  1. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Olin Downes: Newly Uncovered Letters - Allan W. Atlas
  2. The Reception of Hugh Bean's Recording of The Lark Ascending - John France
  3. The Lady in Question - Colin Lees
  4. A Century On: Four Hymns for Tenor, Viola and Strings - Simon Coombs
  5. Stars of the Night: Stephen Connock introduces Albion's latest CD.
Issue 61 October 2014
  1. Florent Schmitt and Ralph Vaughan Williams – an unknown friendship - Robin Barber
  2. Who Were the Seven? - Linda Hayward
  3. "Emotionally Undemonstrative" - Robin Wallington
  4. My Day Out with Ralph - Jane Alexander
  5. Your Record Collection in the 21st Century - John Francis
  6. "Song of Peace from England": the first performance in Germany of Dona Nobis Pacem - Raymond Calcraft
Issue 62 February 2015
  1. Songs of Travel: Irony in Ralph Vaughan Williams's "The Vagabond" - Adam Birke
  2. "Let Beauty Awake", a guide to performance - Dominique McCormick
  3. Song 9 and symmetry in Songs Of Travel - Nils Neubert
  4. Arthur Foxton Ferguson: A Vaughan Williams Singer and Collaborator - Marcus DeLoach
  5. Neglected Works: the Piano Concerto - Colin Lees
  6. Another Day Out with Ralph: exploring his Westminster homes - Jane Alexander
  7. Seventy-Five Years On - Simon Coombs
  8. "Renowned be thy Grave" A tribute to Michael Kennedy - Stephen Connock
Issue 63 June 2015
  1. Ralph Vaughan Williams and the Organ - John Francis
  2. The Making of Bursts of Acclamation - John Francis
  3. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Henry Ley - John Francis
  4. Michael Kennedy and Ralph Vaughan Williams: A Mutual Gift of Friendship - Hugh Cobbe
  5. A winter walk in the Surrey Hills: The "lost" estates of Trevelyan and Farrer - Jane Alexander
  6. A Rediscovered Ralph Vaughan Williams manuscript - Wes Cameron
  7. Some Thoughts on The Garden of Proserpine - Linda Hayward
  8. Roy Douglas: an Appreciation - Stephen Connock
Issue 64 October 2015
21st Anniversary Issue
  1. Origins and Early Years of the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society – Dr Robin Barber
  2. A Reappraisal of the Second Subject of the First Movement of Ralph Vaughan Williams's Symphony No.6 in E Minor - Christopher Gordon
  3. The First Nowell - John Cook
  4. Navigating the Woods: Getting to know Ralph Vaughan Williams's Epithalamion - Andrea Covais
  5. Vaughan Williams: The New York Obituaries - Allan Atlas
  6. Composers in the Great War - Michael Gainsford
  7. A letter from Ursula Vaughan Williams
  8. Destiny's Flight to 7.5 - Jane Alexander
  9. Roy Douglas: an Appreciation - Stephen Connock

Issue 65 FEBRUARY 2016

  1. The Reception of Ralph Vaughan Williams's In the Fen Country - John France
  2. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Early Music - Tim Rayborn
  3. Ralph Vaughan Williams on the Air, 1994-2015 - Peter Foster
  4. Composers in the Great War Revisited - John Francis
  5. Vaughan Williams and the Sonnet - Allan W. Atlas
  6. The Momentous, Mysterious Magic of Midsummer - Jane Alexander