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Keyboard; Ralph Vaughan Williams List of Works
Student or unpublished works

The Robin's Nest
Written at Leith Hill Place. Juvenile piece.

Sonatina in E flat
Student exercise, Royal College of Music.

Theme with Variations
Student exercise, Royal College of Music.

Variations on a Ground Bass by Lully
Student exercise, Royal College of Music.

Suite for Four hands on one Pianoforte

Reminiscences of a Walk at Frankham
"A programmatic piece with titles over the various sections such as A Steamy Afternoon; Little River Hall; Anxiety on the Way Home; Grinham's Cottage appears in sight; Evening comes on. This was composed, of course, before the cinema became more than just an experimental toy, but the titles are of interest, even so" . James Day

Andante Sostenuto
Dedication: 'For your birthday'. (ie: His wife Adeline)
Published Works

Pezzo Ostinato
No. 3 of 'Birthday Gifts'.

Suite of Six short pieces for Pianoforte
Prelude; Slow Dance; Quick Dance; Slow air; Rondo; Pezzo ostinato.
Arranged for string orchestra as The Charterhouse Suite.

Hymn Tune Prelude on 'Song 13' by Orlando Gibbons
Dedication: To Harriet Cohen

Six Teaching Pieces for Pianoforte
In Three Books:
Book I: Two 2-part Inventions: 1. Andante con moto; 2. Allegro moderato.
Book II: Valse Lente and 2. Nocturne.
Book III: 1. Canon and 2. Two-part Invention.

A Winter Piece
(for Genia with love from Uncle Ralph)
Genia = Genia Hornstein.
Published as no 2 of 'Birthday Gifts'.

The Lake in the Mountains
Based on music from the film '49th Parallel'.
Dedication: To Phyllis Sellick.

Introduction and Fugue for Two Pianofortes
Dedication: To Phyllis [Sellick] and Cyril [Smith].

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Student or unpublished works

Organ Overture

Passacaglia on B.G.C.
Composed for the Bride [Barbara Gordon Clark, nee Lawrence].
Published works

Three Preludes
Founded on Welsh hymn-tunes. For organ. Three movements: Bryn Calfaria; Rhosymedre (or 'Lovely'); Hyfrydol.
Nos. 2 and 3 were orchestrated by Arnold Foster. They can also be performed by strings only. All three were arranged for two pianofortes by Leslie Russell, published 1939 by S&B.

A Wedding Tune for Ann
For the wedding of Ann Pain to Anthony Wilson.
Published (ed. Christopher Morris) as No. 1 of 'A Vaughan Williams Organ Album'.

Two Organ Preludes
Founded on Welsh folk-songs: I. Romanza ('The White Rock'); II. Toccata ('St David's Day').
Also published in A Vaughan Williams Organ Album.
Nos. 5 and 3.

A Vaughan Williams Organ Album
Eight pieces: A Wedding Tune for Ann, [see above] ed. Christopher Morris; Greensleeves, arr. Stanley Roper; Toccata (St David's Day) [see above in Two Organ Preludes]; Carol, arr. Herbert Sumsion [from Suite for Viola; see Concertos; Romanza ('The White Rock') [see above]; Prelude ('The New Commonwealth'), arr. Christopher Morris (see Choral Works; Musette, arr. Herbert Sumsion [from Suite for Viola; see Concertos; Land of Our Birth, arr. S. de B. Taylor [from A Song of Thanksgiving: see Choral Works.

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