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Symphonies; Ralph Vaughan Williams List of Works
A Sea Symphony

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For soprano, baritone, mixed chorus, and orchestra.
Words by Walt Whitman.
Dedication: To R.L.W. [(Sir) Ralph Wedgwood].
Four movements; A Song for All Seas, All Ships; On the Beach at Night, Alone; Scherzo (The Waves) Allegro brillante; The Explorers: Grave e molto adagio.
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'A London Symphony'
For orchestra.
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Dedication: To the memory of George Butterworth.
Four movements: Lento-allegro risoluto; Lento; Scherzo (Nocturne) Allegro vivace; Finale: Andante con moto-maestoso alla marcia (quasi lento)-allegro-maestoso alla marcia-Epilogue: Andante sostenuto.
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Pastoral Symphony Symphony No 3
For full orchestra, with soprano (or tenor) voice.
Four movements: Molto moderato; Lento moderato; Moderato pesante; Lento.
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Symphony No.4 in F minor
For full orchestra.
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Dedication: To Arnold Bax.
Four movements: Allegro; Andante moderato; Scherzo: Allegro molto; Finale con Epilogo fugato: Allegro molto.
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Symphony No.5 in D major
For full orchestra.
Dedication: To Jean Sibelius, without permission.
Four movements: Preludio: Moderato; Scherzo: Presto; Romanza: Lento; Passacaglia: Moderato.
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Symphony No.6 in E minor
For full orchestra.
Dedication: To Michael Mullinar.
Four movements: Allegro; Moderato; Scherzo: Allegro vivace; Epilogue: Moderato.
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Sinfonia Antartica
For full orchestra, soprano soloist, and women's chorus.
Dedication: To Ernest Irving.
Five movements; Prelude: Andante maestoso; Scherzo: Moderato-poco animando; Landscape: Lento; Intermezzo: Andante sostenuto; Epilogue: Alla marcia moderato (ma non troppo).
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Symphony No.8 in D minor
For full orchestra.
Dedication: To John Barbirolli.
Four movements; Fantasia (Variazioni senza Tema): Moderato-presto -andante sostenuto-allegretto-andante non troppo-allegro vivace-andante sostenuto-Tempo I ma tranquillo; Scherzo alla marcia (per stromenti a fiato): Allegro alla marcia-andante-Tempo I (allegro); Cavatina (per stromenti ad arco): Lento espressivo; Toccata: Moderato maestoso.
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Symphony No.9 in E minor
For full orchestra.
Dedication: To the Royal Philharmonic Society. Four movements: Moderato maestoso-tranquillo-poco animato-andante sostenuto-poco meno mosso-ancora poco animando-poco animato ma pesante -largamente.
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